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Liturgical white alb for clergy


​The alb symbolizes the white Christening bib. The alb therefore also stands for purity and the rebirth of Christ and is thus always white in color.

Our albs are handmade of natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool. These fabrics are light and breathable. The alb is the long garment worn above the everyday clothes by everyone who stays around the altar.

Our albs are highly customizable: whether its hand embroidery on hem, sleeves borders or the style of collar. We make custom albs for Priestly Ordinations with Italian drawn threads or cutwork embroideries from 3cm to 30cm in height. On request we can add colored fabrics under the hand embroidery and on the sleeves as shown in the picture below.

We can also supply standalone embroidered fabric cuts for self tailoring. 

White alb with embroideries
Alb for newly ordained priest
White wool alb with grey embroidery
Light weight clergy alb made initaly

Over the centuries the alb has been partially replaced by the surplice. Shorter than the alb, the surplice was considered easier to wear. Today the surplice is used by the priest, except during the Mass, and by the lay ministrant on the altar.

We make custom surplices with your favorite hand embroidery.

Among our models, we also offer pleated albs and pleated surplices.

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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