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Main altar cloth for mass


“Take and eat; this is my body […] Drink from it this is my blood” (Mt, 26, 26-28)

​The altar is the place where the Consecration happens and is the table of the Lord around which we are called during the Holy Mass.

White has been chosen as the color for altar linens to underline its purity and holy character. Our altar cloths are made of linen and hemp, which are both natural and sustainable fabrics. The long lifecycle of the product and its eternal beauty is secured by high quality resistant fibers of the fabric.

Our altar cloths are hand embroidered with drawn threads, cutwork and satin stitches . The designs are inspired by the classic motifs of liturgical symbolism, such as grapes and bread. In addition to these we make altar cloths with floral and Marian designs, and on request we can create custom made altar cloths for your Church.

Hemp altar cloth with cross
Custom made altar cloth for church
Altar cloth for church with lamb
White altar cloth with embroideries

Our cloths embellish the altars of many Churches and Basilicas, including the main altar of

St. Peter’s Basilica.

We also provide various crochet-lace drawings that can be applied to cloths of customer choice.

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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