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hand embroidered chasuble for priest ordination
marian chasuble hand embroidered
Chasuble sleeve with hand embroidery
Chasuble with matching alb
Embroideries on a silk chasuble
Green silk solemn chasuble
Hand embroidered cross on chasuble


The chasuble is a liturgical vestment worn by priests and bishops during celebration of the Mass. Over the centuries the chasuble has undergone several transformations in shape, size and form: from being a very wide vestment covering the body in its entirety, to a shorter garment which ended at the knees and didn’t cover the arms. After the Second Vatican Council, the chasuble returned close to its original shape.

Arte Ricami hand makes hand embroidered chasubles in pure silk, silk blend, linen or wool twill, which are all high quality natural fabrics suitable for draping. The expertise of Arte Ricami ensures a smooth flow of the fabric and precise cut of the garment.


Chasubles can be made in all four liturgical colors



Our collection of handmade chasubles is characterized by the weave of high quality fabrics that we select and hand embroidered designs on the orphrey, pallium or garment. We offer a wide range of designs, some of which are reinterpretations of ancient motifs, whilst others are created from scratch by our designers.

We hand embroider with half fine gold thread, Richelieu stitch and satin stitch. You can choose between a monastic or gothic chasuble or customize the cut and collar of your chasuble.

If you are looking for a chasuble for ordination to priesthood or for a custom chasuble for special occasions, contact us and together we will create your made to measure chasuble.

This can also include your own design and pattern.

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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