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Red rayon cincture for priest


​[… But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; Peter 1:15)

The cincture is a cord or girdle used by deacons, priests, bishops and altar servants. The cincture rope is worn around the waist and represents purity, chastity and self control. In the Middle Ages, unlike today, priest cinctures were similar to belts and used to be decorated by hand embroideries and stones. 


We hand make gold wire cinctures with bullion fringes. We also hand make rayon cinctures available in all four liturgical colors. Tassels can be made of the same fabric as the cincture, or with bullion fringes.

Our cinctures are a perfect gift for priests,  given the quality of material and the elegant present box.

Gold braided cincture for priest
Priest cinctures in four colors
White braided cincture for priest
How to tie a cincture around the alb

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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