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Coat of arms of Angelo Bagnasco


Religious coat of arms and custom church banners are part of our collection of hand embroidered products.

The ecclesiastical heraldry tradition dates back to the late Middle Ages when Popes started using religious coat of arms as Papal seals. Each coat of arms consists of a shield, supporters, crest and motto 

The coat  of arms in the above picture belongs to Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, which we hand embroidered onto the chasuble he wore during the celebration of his 50 years of Priestly ordination. We make hand embroidered custom coat of arms, which can be applied to chasubles, stoles, mitre and uniforms of brotherhoods.

Customized Coat of arms of priest
Banner for religious organization
Banner of Fosdinovo's confraternity

Our Church banners are made of pure or blended silk and are decorated with paintings and golden hand embroideries. Every religious church banner is finished with trimmings and silver or gold bullion borders.  We have a wide range of drawing you can choose from or we can create a custom church banner with your own painting or design.

​Church banners are rectangular pieces of fabric, used during religious processions. They open up the pathway to brotherhoods during religious celebrations and convey their faith and devotion.

We make banners for charity associations and city hall flags.


All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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