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We specialize in customized products. Every custom order resembles our ability to transform our customers imagination into reality.

We can satisfy all customer wishes thanks to thirty years of experience in the sector of church garments, our highly skilled designers and embroiderers and our creative spirit. Examples of customized products include gold hand embroidered altar frontals (antependium), designs of chasubles for special occasions, customized albs and church banners for religious processions.

​Over the years we have had the honor of making chasubles and albs for Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and today for Pope Francis. Still today we supply the most important Churches and Basilicas in the world including the St. Peter’s Basilica.

Get in contact with us to tell us your ideas and we will be glad to start working together with you to create your customized products

Cinquantennio ordinazione Bagnasco
casula don emanuele in lav.
Tovaglia San Pietro
palletti ingresso
tovaglia mariana intaglio 1
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