About us

Arte Ricami is a family-run business based in the ancient medieval village of Fosdinovo (Tuscany). It was founded in 1932 with my great-grandmother Iole as an embroidery and tailoring workshop. It will be my father Roberto and my mother Rita, in 1989, who will apply all the knowledge and skills of our designers and embroiderers to the field of sacred art.

In 2016, I, Benedetta, also decided to join the family business, attracted by the beauty of a hand-embroidered artifact and the relationship of friendship and esteem that my parents have always had with their customers.
Our company specializes in the creation of hand-embroidered sacred vestments. While keeping in mind the important tradition of sacred art, we continually explore the many combinations that the world of textiles offers, combining ancient embroidery techniques with fabrics made by the most prestigious Italian weaving mills.

Aware that sacred vestments are “signs” that must have their own language in the liturgy, we create our products by searching for beauty and attention to detail. In this search, we cannot disregard our spirituality, we cannot separate our work from who we are. That is how our churches, the listening of scripture, and testimonies are for us a source of inspiration as well as a chance to deeply understand liturgical symbology.

Our purely artisanal structure and the completely handmade manufacture of our products allows us to meet special requests, made-to-order vestments and realizations with customer designs. Getting to work on a chasuble for ordination or a vestment designed for a particular occasion always fascinates us a lot. Listening to seminarians as they tell us about their vocational journey and thus their desire to include on a garment symbologies or signs that recall a particular devotion or the path they have taken, makes us realize the important role our handiwork plays in the liturgy.
Giving hand embroidery a new meaning, namely that of customization and flexibility toward customer requests, allows us to keep this art alive.

Over the years we have had the honor of making custom-made vestments for Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis and we still supply the most important Churches and Basilicas in the world, including St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. In Italy and Europe we supply specialized stores of sacred vestments. If you would like to come to our showroom in Fosdinovo to meet us in person you can write to us and make an appointment. I will be happy to introduce to the big Arte Ricami family.