Custom orders are a continuous stimulus and opportunity for professional growth for us and our staff, which is why we have made it our area of specialization. Thirty years of experience in the industry, a large team of designers and embroiderers, and our creative spirit enable us to satisfy every customer request: from making hand-embroidered gold altar frontals to designing chasubles for ordinations or other special occasions, from custom-made surplices to chalice pall with your own ecclesiastical coat of arm.

What does it mean to create a custom sacred vestment?

1- Choose the design: you can do so by drawing from our rich archive of designs that are always editable and adaptable to your needs, or our designers can create a design from scratch for you, inserting coats of arms or symbols that are dear to you. If you already have a design, we can make it.

Choose the fabric: in the case of chasubles, stoles or altar frontals, the choice of fabric can completely change the appearance of the final garment. We have available a wide selection of silks, damasks and brocades, silk blends, as well as pure wool and linen, in all liturgical colors.

3- Let us know your measurements: each garment is made to measure

4- Choose the type of embroidery: our embroiderers perform different types of hand embroidery, gold embroidery, bouillon embroidery, hem stitch, cut work. Embroidery can be white on white or with colored threads. The most beautiful garments are those in which different embroidery techniques intersect, resulting in unique garments.

Over the years we have had the honor of making custom-made items for Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. To this day we still supply the most important Churches and Basilicas, including St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.
For priestly ordinations we create gowns and chasubles for ordination and provide our products for gift lists. Contact us to tell us your idea and we will be happy to get to work on a design just for you.
For religious stores we create exclusive collections of garments.
In addition to the items in the collection we can make altar frontals, miters, copes, humeral veils, mantles for Madonnas, and anything textile that is used in the liturgy.