Hand embroidery

Hand embroidery is the beginning of our story. In 1932, Arte Ricami was founded as an embroidery and tailoring school for women from Fosdinovo, our village, a place to express their creativity and manual skills. For more than thirty years we have been using our experience and skilled labor to make custom-made sacred vestments of high tailoring exclusively embroidered by hand.
The choice to rely only on our hands to make our creations is to be found in the meaning we give to hand embroidery: not only it is what continues to bind us from generation to generation, but its eternal beauty amazes us at the end of each work.
A hand-embroidered sacred vestment holds the story of skilled hands that with passion and dedication create works of art destined to last forever. And this gives that garment, already important for what it symbolizes, an even greater value.

Hand embroidery workshop

Arte Ricami has an embroidery workshop for the creation of high-quality sacred vestments with attention to detail. Possessing an in-house workshop makes it possible to ensure 360° customization: designs, as well as sizes or colors, can be modified from traditional patterns, and customer requests are always welcomed.

Which kinds of hand embroidery we do

There are many embroidery stitches that we use to make our products:

  • hem stitch and draw thread techniques
  • cutwork technique
  • hand made filet lace
  • full stitch
  • gold and silver bouillon embroidery

    The most beautiful creations are those in which several stitches of embroidery are woven together, making the garment elegant and precious. Contact us to order your custom liturgical robes.