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how to embroider by hand


Hand embroidery is the beginning of our story. In 1932 Arte Ricami was born as an embroidering and tailoring school for every girl in the village. This was a place where they could express their creativity and manual skills. Our highly skilled and experienced embroiderers have been creating high quality liturgical vestments for more than 30 years.


All our products are exclusively hand embroidered using different kinds of stitches: cutwork embroidery, drawn thread embroidery and gold embroidery.

There is something about hand embroidery and its eternal beauty which never stops impressing us. During the restoration of antique vestments we are mesmerized by the story the embroidery stitches tell us. It is the story of skilled hands that with patience and dedication created works of art that were destined to last forever.

We strongly believe that this tradition must continue into the future and we are at the forefront of it.

Purple silk and silver bullion threa
Cutwork embroidery pattern for altar
Draw of design for church vestment
Gold bullion thread for stoles
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