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Mass Linen set hand embroidered

​Mass linen sets can be four or five piece. Four piece sets are composed of a purificator, a lavabo towel, a corporal and a pall. Five piece sets include the addition of an amice. Every component of the mass linen set has a very specific meaning:

The corporal is a square white linen cloth, upon which the priest places the Body and Blood of Christ. In the past the corporal was bigger in size, as it contained the bread given to the faithful. Once the bread took the shape of small hosts, a resizing of the corporal was required.


The Purificator is rectangular in shape and is characterized by a cross in the middle. The priest uses it to clean out the chalice and paten.

The lavabo towel is used to dry the priests hands after washing them and before the Eucharistic Prayer.

The pall covers the chalice to keep dust and external elements from falling inside. In the past, the Corporal covered the chalice as well due to its larger size. When the Corporal was resized,  the pall took on this role. 


White simple Chalice pall
Corporal, lavabo towel, pall, purifi
Chalice pall made of white linen
White Altar linens for church
Cross embroidered on altar linens
Altar linen 4pcs hand made

The complete altar set includes the amice, a white linen rectangle with two strings that covers the neck and shoulders of priests and altar servers.

Our altar linen sets are made of pure linen or pure hemp. Every piece is embellished by hand embroideries on the borders and by a cross in the middle, where required.


Our alter linen sets are the perfect gift for newly ordained priest or ordination anniversaries. For this purpose they are placed in an elegantly packaged branded box, which is reusable.

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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