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Embroidery pattern for green silk


​We are a handcraft family business based in Tuscany, Italy, and since 1932 we have been mastering the ancient tradition of Italian hand embroidery. For more than 30 years we have been working together with or designers and highly skilled embroiderers to create liturgical vestments which respect the tradition of holy art. At the same time we enjoy exploring the infinite possibilities which the fabric world has to offer.

Liturgical vestments are important symbols in liturgy. Over the years we have applied antique embroidery patterns to new designs to create unique and beautiful products of the highest standard.

Hand which draws a cross
Koinè fair for church supplies
Marian stole or marian pall design
Purple pure silk of Arte Ricami
Square made of fabric

​For more than 20 years we have taken part in the International Exhibition of Church Liturgical Items Koinè in Vicenza, Italy. This is where numerous working relationships with the main church supply shops around the world started and which we still supply today.

Thanks to our family business structure we can satisfy custom made orders and special requests with various sizes and designs.

All our products are created and handmade in Italy in our workshop in Tuscany.

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