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Chalice pall with gold embroideries


The pall is a stiff square in silk or linen fabric used to cover the chalice during celebrations to avoid external elements from falling inside.

We hand make stiff chalice palls in pure silk with half fine gold, cutwork or satin stitch hand embroidery. We offer both traditional religious art designs and modern interpretations of classic liturgical motifs. Every chalice pall is finished by a golden lace and the back part is made of pure linen.

Our chalice pall is a special gift for newly ordained priests, priest installations and priestly anniversaries, due to the high quality of the product, our attention to detail and the elegant packaging that contains it.

On request we make custom chalice palls with designs of the client and all four liturgical colors.

White Chalice pall with gold cross
Red chalice pall for Easter
Golden chalice pall with cross
Purple chalice pall with embroidery
White chalice pall with cross

All our products are made in our laboratory in Tuscany, Italy.

To view the whole collection or to request a customized product, please contact us

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