Looking for inspiration for your ordination chasuble? Would you like to give a gift to a priest friend who will soon celebrate an anniversary? Are you a store and would like to include a more unique, handmade product line? In the following sections we offer you an overview of our creations. In addition to the items listed, we also make dalmatics, copes, mantles for Madonnas, miters, humeral veils and altar frontals.

“The beauty of the liturgy is also manifested through the material things that man, made of body and soul, needs to reach spiritual realities: the building of worship, the vestments, the furnishings, the images, the music, the dignity of the ceremonies themselves.
The liturgy demands the best of our ability to glorify God the Creator”
(Pope Benedict XVI)

Can’t find what you’re looking for among these products? Write us a message on the contact page and specify what you need. With thread and fabric we can create anything.